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digatron fuel tester

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Fuel Tester(s) Wanted Deluxe Model



fuel testerFuel tester Gas

Full pictures of the (New fuel tester kit the unit FT-60 DELUXE know with a 4 panel display and many upgrades.

digatron fuel tester The Box shipped to you

fuel tester digatron The Safe Box

fuel tester In the Box (fuel tester kit in safe box)

fuel tester Your Testing Equipment: fuel tester, sample jar, prob and Hydrometer that measures specific gravity with instructions and stickers.

Fuel Tester Digatron FT-60 DELUXE with Gauge and sensor. Designed to keep racing safe and legal, Digatron's fuel tester is the best deal on the market. It is a small, easy to use fuel indicator that performs two tests to detect the addition of oxidizers to fuel. In addition theFT-60 DELUXE performs a temperature reading for consistency. If an additive is indicated on the FT-60 DELUXE the additionally supplied hydrometer can be used to verify the results

Calibration information for fuel tester

(New meter and should work fine with old meter). The cyclohexene or zeroing fluid will no longer be used.

(Remember when Calibrating and using meter do not hold the container when testing the liquid(s).)

Av gas  set instrument to (-93) using Avgas 100 LL (the LL stands for "low-lead") contains two grams per gallon, half the lead contained in the avgas 100/130 it was designed to replace. It has research and motor octane numbers very similar to 100/130 avgas. The color is blue, flammable liquid. This product sometimes has a high level of aromatics. (1st recommended)

Xylene  set instrument to (-5).  Xylene is a clear, light-colored or colorless, flammable liquid. (2nd recommended)

When reading the meter:

1= is Dielectric Constant ( gas products )

2= is Electrical conductivity ( alcohol and ethanol products)

Cleaning the Probe and maintaining your testing meter.

  1. Do not submerge the probe in water. ( The probe can withstand rain and the occasional splash of water without harm.) (Dry with clean cloth wipe it down.)
  2. Caustic chemicals can damage and pit the surface of the probe (using soap and water on a damp cloth to clean.) 

Calibrating the tester see below. Open it in PDF Click here. It will open in new browser window.

Calibrating Fuel tester



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